16 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Product Filters Plugins

If your WooCommerce store has many products, it can be hard for customers to find what they are looking for. It’s good to have variety, but customers can get lost if too many product options are provided. This is where WooCommerce advanced ajax product filters plugin can help.

Customers often have to search through dozens of product pages to find the items they’re looking for. If people can’t locate the things they want to buy quickly, they’re more likely to leave your site and shop with one of your competitors.

eBay, Amazon, and other popular e-commerce sites have many items to choose from. At the top of the search bar, they also have helpful product filter sidebars to simplify searches. People can look for items according to categories, reviews, price, tags, and other criteria.

When customers use filters, results will show on that same page with filtered results without refreshing the page. This happens because of Ajax product filters. Ajax is a set of applications that don’t require a page refresh. Filters are essential for sites that offer hundreds or even thousands of items or more.

Luckily, there are plenty of WooCommerce advanced ajax product filter plugins you can use on your WooCommerce store.


Best WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Product Filters Plugins

Stores with large product lines probably already have more than a few WooCommerce stock statuses, product custom fields, prices, product attributes, product categories, and product tags. That could mean that Ajax product filters can be implemented on your site very quickly. All you need is a good WooCommerce product filter plugin. Site visitors will then be able to use a sidebar filter widget.

WooCommerce comes with product filter widgets by default. If you want to use these filters, go to the “Appearance” menu. Select the “Widgets” option, and then you can drag and drop the “Filter Products by Price,” “Filter Products by Rating,” and “Filter Products by Attribute” widgets in your sidebar.

There are a few issues with this method. Thie first problem is that Ajax doesn’t power those WooCommerce filters. That’s why the pages reload after each filtered search is performed. These filters are also very limited in scope. You only have three default widgets to work with.

If you need more than what comes with default WooCommerce, I suggest you check the below list of some of the best WooCommerce Ajax product filter plugins.


PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter

The PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter is the best plugin for your store website. It allows customers to filter products to find what they need quickly. It has many features, such as Ajax, SEO, advanced caching, mobile-friendly, and an analytic tool.


PWF ajax filters plugin for WooCommerce.


The PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter includes advanced Ajax technology that works with most WooCommerce themes and the Elementor plugin.

That helps your customer to get what they are looking for quickly without reloading the whole web page again. This action is effective in improving web performance and load speed as well.

Here are some of the features that this plugin offers:

  • Pretty and clean URLs.
  • Vertical and horizontal layout.
  • Filter any WordPress custom post type.
  • Compatible with all WordPress caching plugins.
  • Allows filtering of WooCommerce products by variations.
  • Pagination Types: numbers, a load more button, and infinite scroll.
  • Filter products by categories, tags, brands, price, color, rating, etc.
  • SEO Friendly: Increase search engine traffic by implementing built-in SEO rules.
  • Shortcodes and widgets for displaying filter options and interactive elements on your WooCommerce store.

An analytic tool that helps you know what your customers are interested in. For more info, check the PWF filter plugin review.


WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin by YITH

Customers can use the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter to filter products by different attributes. Customers can sort items based on brand, category, color, price, size, and other characteristics.

You can create unlimited groups of filters (called “presets”) in the plugin admin panel. You can choose the filters to determine where each preset will be shown with the Elementor widget or Gutenberg block, shortcode, and widget. This can be edited for every preset that you create.


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin.


Filters can be created according to the page where they will be shown. You can create custom pages with different filters or various filters assigned to certain product categories.

The plugin comes with a default preset that has all available filters. You can determine how and where your preset will be displayed, and you can also deactivate any unnecessary filters if you want.

Filters can be displayed as images, labels, multi-select, select dropdowns, radio buttons, or checkboxes. You can display all available options on the same page, or you can opt to display filters in a toggle. The toggle can be collapsed or open, whichever you prefer to make the most of your page space. There is paid and free version of this plugin.



Crockoblock’s JetSmartFilters plugin is very intuitive. There are nine different widgets that can be used, and the plugin has an AJAX-based filter system. You can create a WooCommerce store site that’s easy to use in no time. The best part is that you don’t need any coding knowledge or experience to accomplish this task.


Crockoblock JetSmartFilters plugin.


Filter options:

  • Rating filter: Products can be sorted by ratings.
  • Visual filter: Online stores that carry different brands or colors of the same kinds of products can take advantage of this filter.
  • Search filter: Search results are shown after the corresponding phrases or words have been entered.
  • Radio filter: Items can be posted from the list, or one product can be selected.
  • Checkbox filter: You can display multiple checklist options.
  • Date Range filter: This option can show events according to the day that they take place. Posts and products can also be filtered according to the date that each one of them was added.
  • Check Range filter: A checkbox list for a variety of choices.
  • Range filter: You can use a slider to set the search range.
  • Select filter: A drop-down-list allows you to select relevant options.

Site visitors can apply multiple filters at the same time. Useful and timely search choices will be shown on the page, thanks to the faceted search system. Users are bound to have better overall experiences because the filters are powered by AJAX and reload in a matter of moments. Pages operate smoothly, and there’s no need to worry about constant refreshes.

If you are interested in more Jet Plugins, I suggest you check my Crocoblock review, Jet Plugins review, or JetMenu review.


Product Filter for WooCommerce

Product Filter for WooCommerce includes several advanced filters that store will ever need. It gives WordPress and WooCommerce store site owners complete control.

There’s no limit to the amount of choices that you can have using this plugin. Clients can find the exact items they want by using any or all available criteria.

The plugin is straightforward to configure. You can use the admin user interface to alter the appearance and functionality of each filter. You can create filter presets, set your filter and criteria terms and pick as many display and layout options as you want.

You can make your store stand out above the competition by taking advantage of plugin advanced features. Smart filter analytics and adaptive filtering are just some of the functions that can make your site unique.


Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin.


Products can be filtered by Attributes, Categories, Characteristics, Prices, Stock, Tag, and Taxonomies. You can configure each filter criteria to manage what site visitors see effectively and the choices that your client’s filter.

Your layouts can have Filter Sidebars, Fullscreen Filters, Masonry, One Row, or Multiple Row. If you want to override your existing Shop/Product Archives Filters, all you need to do is create as many filter presets as you want and use those presets in conjunction with the Product Filter shortcode.

The Filter Style Customizer can be used to alter your filters. You can add your own custom HTML or show filters as Image, Select Box, Text, Thumbnail, or Thumbnail with Text. You can create one-of-a-kind filters by incorporating various colors, styles, thumbnails, and layouts.

You can also learn more about the items that your site visitors are searching for. You can discover the most popular search terms using Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin detailed filter analytics. This information is crucial for store site owners and managers.


WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter

WOOF Products Filter plugin improves WooCommerce filter functionality. Customers can look for items in your online store according to product attributes, product taxonomies, price, tags, and categories. There are free and paid versions of the plugin.

You can use WOOF as a shortcode or like the widget. You can add product filters in any place you want on your site by implementing a special shortcode. Product attributes and taxonomies can be displayed as checkbox, dropdown, radio buttons in the drop-down, radio, or multiple dropdowns.


WooCommerce filter by attribute plugin.


The plugin’s premium version allows you to display checkbox buttons in the dropdown, attributes/taxonomy range slider, hierarchy dropdown, label, color, image, and other HTML elements.

The free version of the WOOF plugin has many of the standard filter features that you’d expect. You can use the Pro edition to let clients look for products according to a color filter, image filter, meta filter, quick search, statistic, hierarchy dropdown, SKU, and slider for taxonomies.

Additional features:

  • The product filter has a step-by-step process. Shop customers can use the product wizard and follow those steps to find items to purchase.
  • Infinite scrolling – Site visitors won’t need to click on any pagination buttons to see items.
  • Statistic – Site owners can see search information to determine what clients are interested in. This information can help you increase revenue and profit.


MDTF WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

The WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter (or MDTF) can be used to search and filter WordPress custom types and posts according to metadata fields and taxonomies. The plugin’s included metadata constructor and robust filter elements make it a valuable, versatile resource for many WooCommerce stores.


WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter plugin.


The plugin’s primary focus is to allow users to look for products on site using taxonomies and meta filters simultaneously. Meta filters and taxonomies can be used to filter products, custom posts, posts, etc.

No other product filter tool has the Meta Data Constructor. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to create your own custom meta fields. You don’t need to know anything about coding. You can set on your site’s front end if your search forms’ HTML portions are displayed with text inputs, calendars, range sliders, and/or checkboxes or dropdown menus.


Advanced AJAX Product Filters

WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters is a convenient plugin that provides more filtering functionality for WooCommerce stores. The plugin has impressive product filtering capabilities. Items can be filtered according to product categories, tags, prices, custom taxonomies, and attributes.

Checkboxes with image or color, tag cloud for tags, range slider, dropdown menu, radio buttons, and checkboxes are widget options that can be used. All widget elements can be customized at any time. The style of your radio buttons, checkboxes, range slider, and widget title are easy to alter in the settings menu.


AJAX products filter plugin for WooCommerce.


The plugin can simplify consumers’ product searches on your site, making it easier for customers to find the items they’re looking for. There are free and paid versions of this plugin.

Filter types:

  • Radiobox and checkbox – Easy, intuitive filtering methods.
  • Color boxes – Color boxes provide a visual representation of different items.
  • Filter with images – Custom filter images can be added to add a professional look and feel.
  • Categories tree – Your site visitors can see only what’s important by removing the clutter.
  • Slider – Dragging the slider allows clients to choose multiple values at the same time.
  • Price range – A single click of the mouse is all it takes to see price ranges.

Way to display filters:

  • Filters can appear above products.
  • Filters can be shown inline.
  • Display filters inline max count.
  • Only titles can be displayed if you prefer.
  • Display filters on hover


Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Layered Navigation

The Ajax-Enabled Layered Navigation extension for the WooCommerce plugin makes it easier for customers to use your site. It’s best suited for store websites with multiple attributes or carry a lot of variable products.

Ajax calls are used, so there is no page reload. Checkboxes, size selectors, and color swatches are some of the layered navigation’s extra user interface elements. These options can be implemented to provide clients and site visitors with an improved user experience.

The “WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav” widget is available after the plugin has been activated. It can be used on your category, archive, and shop pages. This widget allows you to choose how the attribute filter is displayed on frontend. It could be shown as color swatches/a label selector, a drop-down menu, checkbox, or a list.

There no limits as to the number of widgets that you can use. There won’t be filters for stock, rating, or price. Filters are only assigned to attributes, such as color, size, etc.


Clever Layered Navigation

Clever Layered Navigation is a WooCommerce Ajax product filter plugin that lets you apply advanced filtering choices to items in your WooCommerce online store. The product filter is built-in and is easy to use on desktop and laptop computers and tablets, and other mobile devices.


Layered Navigation WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter.



  • One filter can have multiple attributes shown simultaneously. There won’t be any intermediary page reloads to worry about.
  • There won’t be constant reloads after each attribute is chosen that could interrupt navigation.
  • Products can be filtered by ratings and customer reviews.
  • Range sliders can show different numeric attributes as needed. Memory size, weight, price, and other important information can appear in the Range Slider display mode.
  • From-to widget for numeric attributes is a convenient widget for allowing clients to determine the minimum and maximum prices. Price ranges can also be added to filter items according to price or other numeric attributes that you want to be displayed.
  • The navigation block can be used to filter products by brands.
  • Widget and sidebar product filters
  • Horizontal and vertical navigation


Themify WooCommerce Product Filter

The Themify WooCommerce Product Filter simplifies customers’ product searches. It’s a free WordPress plugin that can filter items according to attributes, categories, tags, price ranges, and other options.


Free WooCommerce product filter plugin.


Live search results with products will be shown on the page as people choose their filters. Filter combinations can also be implemented. Having more than one choice at a time makes it easier for customers to fine-tune their search results.

An intuitive drag and drop form builder is included with this plugin. You can use this feature to create as many search forms for your site as you want.


Product Filters for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Filters plugin provides many convenient features. All options were designed to make sites easier for customers to navigate, search for products, and place orders.


Quick product search with product filters plugin.


The following is a brief list of this plugin’s helpful features:

  • Ajax filtering can speed up the filter process. Product information will load without requiring the particular page to reload.
  • Products can be filtered by attributes, categories, price, tags, and taxonomies.
  • Your site can have a more professional appearance by adding interactive items. A box list, checkbox list, color list, dropdown, price slider, text list, and other items can be easily added.
  • Shortcodes and widgets can be used to show WooCommerce store’s interactive items and filter choices.

Furthermore, the plugin has a user-friendly settings page to help you configure the suitable filter options.


UpFilter – Best Product Filter for WooCommerce

Developed by HasThemes, UpFilter is an exclusive and ultimate product filter plugin for your WooCommerce store.

This powerful Ajax product filter plugin will give your buyers the ability to filter the products by various aspects like taxonomy, attributes, price range, size, etc. Buyers can easily find the right product without any hassle of page reloads.


UpFilter product filter for WooCommerce.


With intuitive and straightforward settings, customizing this plugin will be super simple. All the useful options have been included to improve the overall user experience of your WooCommerce store visitors and boost your revenue. You can take advantage of both widgets and shortcodes to add product filters anywhere within your website.

Product filters can be shown using Checkbox, Radio and Select. There are to present the taxonomies/attributes in a hierarchical way and show the number of products in specific taxonomy terms and attribute terms.

You can modify the look and feel of your product filters with settings like the ability to personalize search icon color, price range primary color, price range secondary color, etc.

That’s not all, you will get a ton more advantages while using Upfiler, which will make product filtering easier than ever before for your customers.


  • Advanced AJAX filter options by all Taxonomies (Category, Tag etc.), Attributes (Color, Size etc.), Price Range, Search Field and Sorting Options.
  • Taxonomies and Attributes can be displayed in the form of Checkbox, Radio and Select.
  • Shortcodes and Widgets support makes it easy to display the filter option anywhere.
  • Set Wrapper selector, Relation between taxonomies, Relation between attributes, Relation between attributes and taxonomies.
  • Show the number of Products in specific taxonomy terms and attribute terms.
  • Present the taxonomies/attributes in a hierarchical way.
  • Order taxonomy terms/attribute terms by name or item count.



Ultimate WooCommerce Filters

Ultimate WooCommerce Filters plugin can be used to filter WooCommerce items based on an attribute, category, color, tag, or size. There are paid and free versions of the plugin.

The plugin can be configured easily in a matter of minutes. To choose your shop colors, just use the color picker. You can then select the colors that apply to your products. The plugin will recognize all of your set WooCommerce tags and categories automatically.

There’s also an impressive, quick product search. You can add this feature to your WooCommerce filter widget if you’d like. It makes finding the right items easier for your customers.

There are several advanced customization features in Ultimate WooCommerce Filters’ premium version. The table format is one of the advanced attribute selections. You can show WooCommerce filter attributes right below your shop page’s thumbnails. You can also alter the functions and layout for each filter that you use. The customization choices are almost endless!



WooBeWoo allows you to create simple, functional filters for your WooCommerce online store. Product attributes, tags, categories, and other attributes can be used to filter information. Ajax-powered searches can be activated or deactivated at any time. There are plenty of sorting alternatives that can also be used.


Create and customize filters for your online store. Filter by price, categories, tags, and attributes, enable or disable ajax search.



  • Clients can sort items according to price ranges, tags, categories, and other attributes.
  • Ajax live searches help pages load quicker.
  • Responsive design makes your site easy to view and navigate on laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones.
  • The plugin works very well with the popular Elementor page builder plugin
  • Options are easy to set up.

There are both free and paid versions of the plugin.


Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce

The Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin simplifies control of your WooCommerce product filters. One widget can be used to manage all of your filters. Other features include search engine optimization tools, perfect Ajax, and compatibility with all popular themes.

The Premmerce Product Filter for WooCommerce’s caching system improves page load speeds. You can also create landing pages for your site according to your filter setup selections.


  • Primary attributes can be showcased and shown on the product category page.
  • Descriptions can be added to attributes.
  • The premium edition of the plugin lets you add product variations to your product category page.
  • Variations can be shown as a radio box, label, color, or image.
  • One widget lets you show all available filters.
  • Caching system.
  • Option to display category-specific attributes.
  • Search results can be easily filtered.
  • Custom pages can have shortcodes.

There are free and paid versions of the plugin to choose from.



FacetWP is an advanced WooCommerce plugin ideal for developers. FacetWP has integrations, shortcodes, hooks, and Ajax features. You’ll need some technical knowledge to use the plugin properly.

Filters can be added by integrating PHP with your theme files. This allows you to show available filters outside the traditional sidebar. You can also put shortcodes in a text widget to include your filters.

FacetWP is a great alternative for anyone working on more advanced projects. Their developer documentation is quite impressive. I’d recommend using one of the other plugins in the above list if you’re concerned about being overwhelmed by FacetWP.


WooCommerce Filter Conclusion

Offering a multitude of products on your WooCommerce store can quickly leave customers feeling frustrated. Almost all usability research proves that 75% of users leave the shop if they’re unable to locate the items they want to purchase within fifteen minutes. If you want to improve your sales and ensure repeat business, it’s essential to have tools to simplify product picks and searches.

People who can’t filter products can’t find items promptly. If customers can’t find the things they were going to buy, they’ll quickly go to another site that makes it easy to find what they want. It really is as simple as that.

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  1. WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin by YITH has problems with transients in stores with more than 1600 products. They just recommend disabling caching in their plugin in order to “fix” it.

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