7 WooCommerce Examples To Inspire Your Next Venture

It’s no secret that WooCommerce stands out as the most popular eCommerce platform. With a 27% market share, WooCommerce enables you to easily build an online store unique to your needs. This is why, in this article, you will see a few WooCommerce examples of websites that use this popular eCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce, with its themes and plugins, has the ability to power a range of businesses today. It lets you start almost any business irrespective of the industry or products.

Hence, to inspire your next venture, I’ve put together a list of best WooCommerce Store examples that will give you a chance at understanding the incredible variety of businesses you can build.


WooCommerce Website Examples

It’s a good idea to have a look at what are some of the WooCommerce possibilities. Not only to give you an idea of what vital components to include in your own eCommerce store, but it will also help you think about what you could do differently to stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are a few examples of companies with WooCommerce stores that are at the top of their game.


1. Printing New York

Printing New York is a New-York based professional printing store. They print everything from business cards and banners to luxury letterpress printing. The site uses solid designs on the homepage and looks just as classy on a mobile phone, courtesy to its responsive theme. The company emphasizes Speed, which makes delivery one of its most important USP.

To ensure smooth and efficient nationwide delivery, they rely on WooCommerce Shipping Zones and make the best use of it.


Example of site powered by WooCommerce plugin.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

Well, you can check out the PrintShop or the Printify theme to add similar experiences. With these themes, you can add great layouts to your printing business website.

Plus, if you plan to sell physical products, you should also consider setting up different shipping strategies. If you need an excellent WooCommerce shipping plugin, be sure to check my posts regarding shipping via FedEx (FedEx WooCommerce shipping plugins), DHL (DHL WooCommerce plugins), and UPS (WooCommerce UPS shipping plugins).

With a well-defined shipping strategy, you can improve your customers’ shopping experience significantly. This can hike up your sales and customer loyalty as well.


2. The Best Me

The Best Me is a website based out of California. The brand aims at making your life better with its high-end beauty, perfumes, and skincare products. Its simple designs, along with its different products, are displayed beautifully using sliders. These elements on its homepage make its products eye-catching.

Plus, the website also uses dynamic pricing strategies to make customers feel special. With its quick page loading abilities and spot-on product slider placement, the brand captures attention in an instant. The site uses a perfect mix of plugins and themes to increase sales and revenue.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

To make your website look elegant and ensure quick page loading, a WooCommerce theme like Divi or Storefront seems perfect for the job.

You can bring your WooCommerce store to life with various plugins:

These features and themes can help you build the best WooCommerce site and provide immense value to your customers.


3. Jococups

Jococups is a website for coffee lovers. It creates eco-innovative and reusable coffee glasses and vessels.

With its sleek and clean look along with sharp images, this WooCommerce example website creates quite an impression. The brand provides a great visual representation of its products with different colors and image swatches.

It also places a neat looking subscriber box in the bottom to collect email IDs (leads). It uses this box in a smart way to send updates and notifications about its products and services.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

 With a theme like Ultra Coffee or OceanWP (check OceanWP review), you can add similar vibes to your WooCommerce store. You can use this multi-purpose theme to create a website for your restaurant, coffee shop, etc. It comes with a sticky navigation menu and options to add sections to your menu.

To include similar functionalities, you can use various plugins:

You can use these plugins and take your business to greater heights. With its extraordinary functionalities, you can improve customer experience and sales.


4. Earthbound

Earthbound is a UK based website that sells cute products for your pet dogs. They offer a range of high-quality products right from Foam Beds to Toys to Coats. Its feel-good vibe, dog images, and elements like fonts and colors will make you fall in love with the website.

The brand does a fantastic job of displaying its products and content to its valued members only. In doing so, the website pulls in more dog owners to sign up on their store.

Its stunning image gallery and designs look better on mobile phones as well. Plus, the shipping rates are also calculated automatically. This saves them a great deal of time and effort, thereby, ensuring the delivery part is carried out with professionalism.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

With a fast and responsive theme like Pawsitive or OnLeash, you can add design to your website in a similar way. If you’re planning on opening a pet store or sell pet-related products, then these themes can work wonders for you.

You can pump your website with great functionalities by using different plugins:

With these functions in your store, you can create a professional website in no time.


5. Flower City Flavor Company

Flower City Flavor is a New-York based online retailer that gives unique flavors to celebrate food. Its product offerings range from all types of Sauces to Olive oil and bottles of Vinegar.

This WooCommerce example uses a multi responsive theme. And, also focuses on providing intuitive user experience.

It even adopts a great technique of bundling bottles of different sauces together. You can mix and match products, and it goes on to offer similar products in a package. With this technique, they can sell more sauces and increase their revenue.

To improve customer experience, the company goes a step ahead. It uses a caching plugin to ensure that pages load ultra fast. It even helps in improving their SEO performance. With this function in place, the business ensures its website performance is bang on at all times.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

Well, to create a similar website, you’d need a multi-purpose theme with stunning layouts. You can check out themes like Flatsome or WoodMart that’d help you create a great website.

The key to making your business stand apart rests with the plugins:

On that note, these plugins and themes can add a great deal of value to your WooCommerce website. It gives you a chance to increase your customer experience and sales in a massive way.


6. Europa Medical Supplies

Europa Medial Supplies is a WooCommerce website designed with the mission to supply high-quality medical equipment. It enables you to source the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to battle the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The brand acts as a source of global supply and distribution of PPE kits for the front-line staff.

Its well-designed page and incredible theme make everything look good. The Menu, along with its smooth navigation abilities, makes switching between pages quicker.

The website does a fantastic job of hiding its product prices. Instead, it allows you to place a Request for Quotation for its medical products. In this way, the brand opens up enough room for negotiations for the bulk purchasers.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

Having a theme like JupiterX or Astra (check Astra theme review) can help you design a professional medical website in a jiffy. With its ready-to-go layouts and features, you can make your website fast and beautiful.

And, to make things easier for you and your customers, you can use different plugins:

With the above plugins and themes, you can create a superb medical website. Including these functionalities in your WooCommerce website can help you conduct business smoothly.


7. Theatre 40

Theatre 40 is a professional and ambitious Theatre company. It comprises almost 150 professional actors and directors. The company has won several awards for its performance in several World Classics plays.

Theatre 40 is an elegant website with well-organized sections in the Menu. It makes it quick and easy for you to find and book dates for its plays in an instant.

The website impresses with its neatly maintained event calendar. You can book dates for its scheduled plays as per your interests. It also notifies buyers or members once the season tickets become available. Doing this helps in selling out quickly. For theatre lovers, the website goes on to offer a season subscription package as well at a cheaper price.


Examples of websites runnin on WooCommerce plugin.


How can you include such functionalities on your website?

You can design a similar professional looking website with a theme like Avada. It offers pre-built demos and comes with its own page and element options. Also, it enables you to use these features without any coding knowledge.

For functions that can make your website look professional, you can use plugins:

These functionalities can help your website sell products/services in an organized way. You can also provide valuable customer experience and increase revenues on your website.


Powered By WooCommerce Websites Conclusion

eCommerce is an integral part of today’s online business landscape. To achieve your dreams of starting a successful online store, WordPress and WooCommerce stand out as the best combination. There are many sites powered by WooCommerce. You can create a unique store the way you desire.

From the above WordPress eCommerce websites, it is clear that WooCommerce can handle any product or industry you’d like to venture into. With a sea of plugins and themes available, you can build an engaging WooCommerce site with ease.

I hope this article inspires you to start your next online venture with WooCommerce. In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know in the comments section.



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