The 9 Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins (2023)

Instagram is a popular social media platform with over a billion active users and primarily the perfect spot for entrepreneurs, influencers, and startup folks to merge with their audiences.

Users on Instagram spend above 30 minutes every day, which brings enormous potential when integrated into the WordPress site.

Using Instagram plugins to spark your social presence into the WordPress site can be a smart move. Some plugins deliver images directly on site, while some can get images from famous Instagram hashtags that your visitors are eager to see.


Best WordPress Instagram Plugins

We have gathered here the best WordPress Instagram plugins available online. Analyze the important feature that every plugin contains and select the best one for your needs.



Spotlight is an easy WordPress plugin to display Instagram feed on WordPress website. It is simple to customize, and you can adjust every design that your viewers see. You can adjust the factors that match your brand through choosing unique styles and colors.


Spotlight plugin review.


Attach a “Follow” option to convert the website visitors into Instagram fans or attach a “Load More” option to provide site viewers a complete gallery to check through.

Other surprising features provide the option to merge with multiple accounts, make different feeds to utilize across various pages, and launch post contents as a highlight lightbox.


10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web is a hosting provider, plugin developer, all-in-one platform for various WordPress needs. 10Web Social Photo Feed is a marvelous plugin that allows you to make image galleries on site by embedding post contents’ total timeline. It could be done through either using the plugin itself or a shortcode.


10Web social feed plugin.


You can customize the feed layout easily and display it in different styles to make users have an attractive look. Integrating feeds on Instagram to the site provides users a stunning view of your expertise, business, or brand.

It lets you showcase both mixed and also single feeds on pages and posts. Also, you have an option to utilize a feed filter more effectively for the mixed feed contents. The 10Web Social Photo Feed plugin gets frequent updates, and it will automatically send you a notification when the plugin update is available.


Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

You can showcase any posts easily from a public account on multiple or single feeds through Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed. This stunning plugin looks superb on any size device. No matter where your site appears (laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone), the feed will look magnificent.


Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin.


You can make changes to the feed and set how you want them to appear to site visitors. The “Load More” option provides the maximum feeds for site viewers. With various features, the plugin brings itself responsiveness and functionality.


Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social plugin for WordPress helps bring Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram content to the site using a customizable, attractive layout. You can place feed from Instagram to a post, page, or sidebar based on how you would like the pictures to appear with this plugin.

The plugin provides two options at the bottom and top of the feed option for site viewers to follow and like your profiles on social media. You will have a high chance of increasing Time-On-Page when you grow presence and activeness on social media.


WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

Do you wish to get your site to look like your profile on Instagram? If yes, you could do that through WPZOOM Social Feed Widget. Showcase nearly 12 Instagram images directly to the website’s homepage. Thus, your brand or business translates from social media platform to a website.

Though your profile on Instagram is not good looking as you wish, you can show images from any account on Instagram to WordPress site directly to bring the feel and look you need your site viewers to see.


Enjoy Social Feed Plugin

Using Enjoy Social Feed Plugin, you can add a photo grid or carousel (series of images) from your feed section on social media to the WordPress site. This different plugin is easy to use and provides a shortcode to add within the editor directly.


Enjoy Social Feed plugin for WordPress website.


To bring a new form of related pictures showcase on site from the feed section on Instagram, you can get the pictures from hashtags. It is definitely helpful for you to regularly upload to your feed on Instagram, but you need fresh and unique pictures for site viewers.


AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a paid Instagram plugin for WordPress. You can customize your site entirely with pictures from your feed section on Instagram using this plugin.

If you are importing pictures from your feed, you can hide your profile image and username for a perfect look and let the pictures spark themselves. Select from six lightbox options and 15 various layouts to bring feed part on Instagram into WordPress website seamlessly.


WordPress responsive Instagram feeds plugin.


It provides variant features to display Instagram contents in various ways. It is simple to display Instagram content in various locations onWordPress site, including blog posts, footer area, and the sidebar. Also, you can activate more templates which makes you change the content look.

A few layout examples include slider layouts, masonry options, various grid layouts, and a factor that makes your viewers filter the feed posts on Instagram through their formats like a carousel, video, or image. You can use the mosaic layout, which shows your pictures in various sizes and layouts.



With the help of Intagrate plugin, you can convert video content and photos on Instagram automatically to blog post content on the WordPress site.


Intagrate WordPress plugin review.


Utilize every advantage that this plugin features, such as sourcing pictures from infinite accounts on Instagram and cross uploading that content to various sites that you handle.


Instagram Feed Plugin by Tagembed

Instagram Feed Plugin by Tagembed is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows users to display Instagram posts and content on their website. The budget-friendly prices and easy to user-friendly interfaces make an ideal plugin.


Instagram Feed plugin by Tagembed.


Apart from making the embedding process easy, the plugin also provides useful features. These features not only add charm to the website but also helps in gathering more visitors.

Some of these features are – the option to customize the widget, the facility to moderate the content, auto-update posts on display, and more. The plugin provides maximum benefits at a very low cost, making it a perfect choice for websites.


Bonus Plugins

Here are some additional bonus plugins you can use:



It’s a rewards and giveaway plugin for WordPress websites. You can connect it with the social platform Instagram to gain more followers for your account.

With the help of RafflePress, it is simple to organize a contest that brings your viewers to take particular steps using Instagram. It means viewing posts on Instagram or visiting profile on Instagram.

You can also use the RafflePress to make users do other actions. For instance, you can run a contest or giveaway using RafflePress and ask participants for their email to join your list.

RafflePress is a rich contest and giveaway plugin for WordPress websites. If you are a beginner, you can start with the RafflePress free version. Other alternatives include Gleam and Rafflecopter.


Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal a paid Instagram plugin for WordPress that contains more amazing facilities than the free version.

It contains various features that help you to bring the right Instagram integration type for your WordPress site. For filtering photos, the options include selecting to showcase content from any Instagram accounts, content tagged with particular hashtags, and the pictures you have liked.

This plugin definitely helps you greatly if you wish to increase traffic to your WordPress site with photos on Instagram from various sources.

This plugin also contains an attractive gallery collection to present your selected content. Color settings, color schemes, photo layouts, and gallery sizes are features you could utilize for gallery designing.



Grace Instagram feed is the featured rich Instagram plugin for WordPress with great user ratings. Grace is simple to use. Launch the plugin, then select the account from which you need to get images.


Grace Instagram feed plugin.


Its perfect features include the ability to showcase photos depending on locations, photos, and hashtags you have engaged with. Also, you can exclude specific content using this plugin.

The pre-publish moderation optional feature provides you a string control on displaying the posts on your website. This plugin helps a lot in display factors.

You can select from various layouts, including a picture slider, height grid, masonry, and justified mode. Also, you can utilize a drag and drop builder tool if you need to customize the pictures from the platform for displaying them on website.

You can activate social sharing for every picture that is used within your website directly. It’s an excellent tool for showing content from Instagram on the WordPress site.


WordPress Instagram Plugins Conclusion

Now, you have some ideas to begin showcasing your stunning pictures on WordPress website directly. Your website viewers can follow you on social media directly without clicking any link to navigate to your profile on Instagram.

Merge various accounts on Instagram using your chosen plugin and showcase pictures in a web page, the sidebar, or a blog post of your website.

Another great and viral Instagram feed plugin is InstaShow. And if you need to automatically post from WordPress to Instagram, I suggest checking SNAP review and Blog2Social review.



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