Cashier Review (2023) – WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin

Both customers and store owners struggle when it comes to WooCommerce checkout. Customers want a quick and friction-free checkout experience. Too many form fields, a slow and tedious checkout process can lead to potential customers leaving your site without buying.

On the other hand, store owners want maximum users to complete the checkout. They try to improve it via coding, plugins to suit user needs. This requires checkout behavior analytics, marketing strategies, and plugins to optimize the checkout flow. That is accompanied by effort and costs that can shake your budget. Managing multiple plugins is also a hassle and expensive.

Still, the cart abandonment rate doesn’t drop as expected. So, how can you optimize your WooCommerce checkout using a single plugin? A plugin that doesn’t cost you a fortune?

StoreApps, the official WooCommerce extensions developer, brings Cashier to optimize your WooCommerce checkout. In this Cashier review, I will go deeper into the options it provides and how you can use them to boost sales.

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Cashier Review

Do these cart and checkout-related questions bother you?

  • What products am I selling? Does it require a cart step?
  • Can I skip the cart and set up a direct checkout or one-click checkout for users?
  • Am I showing the right product recommendations for upselling?
  • Can I encourage users to buy more without disrupting their flow?
  • Can I make users checkout directly via email and social media?
  • What if I don’t set up a cart, but some users still want to review their cart?
  • How to redirect users to the desired page after adding to the cart?

So how could you stop cart abandonment in the first place? How to create a superior checkout funnel for customers?

Cashier is an all-in-one checkout optimization plugin. It provides direct checkout, one-click checkout, buy now buttons, side cart, upsells, cross-sells, frequently bought together, cart notices, and many other enhancements to optimize cart, checkout, boost sales and get happier customers.

How a cashier (person) juggles with multiple things at point-of-sale (POS) terminals in offline stores (review cart items, show offers to customers, accept payment, and others), that is how the Cashier plugin does a similar job but for online WooCommerce stores.

Let’s look into the setup and each feature in detail.


Buy Now Buttons For Direct Checkout

Cashier plugin provides Buy Now buttons or links that allow users to complete their purchase in just one or two steps. It skips the cart step and goes straight to the checkout page. This is direct checkout.


WooCommerce direct checkout plugin.


WooCommerce stores selling digital products, subscriptions, or stores where users tend to purchase a single product will find this very useful. As the cart page appears to be an additional step here, these stores can benefit from the direct checkout option to reduce abandonment.

The good thing about Buy Now is that you can enable it for your entire store, specific products as well as product categories.


Buy Now Buttons For One-click Checkout

One-click checkout works two steps beyond the direct checkout. Not just the cart, you can also skip the checkout page and payment with the Buy Now button, allowing the customer to place an order in just one click.


WooCommerce one-click checkout plugin.


Cashier plugin can auto-fill shipping and billing details from a customer’s previous order, pick up their last used payment method to complete the purchase.

A drastic reduction in abandonment rates for digital products, downloadables, and subscriptions.

One-click checkout works with seven popular payment methods. These are PayPal Standard, Stripe,, Braintree, Cash on Delivery, Cheque Payments, and Direct Bank Transfer – for customers with at least one previous order.


Other Benefits Of Using Buy Now

Here are some additional benefits of the Buy Now option:

  • Convert all Add to Cart links on your store to Buy Now.
  • Show both Buy Now and Add to Cart buttons together for products.
  • Use Buy Now links in social media, emails, blog posts, and anywhere else. Very much useful during new product launches, Black Cyber, and Christmas sales.
  • Provision to choose a shipping method for products embedded with Buy Now links.
  • Embed a coupon to Buy Now link or button. Clicking on it will auto-apply a discount for the users.
  • Custom thank you page, affiliate product page, offers page, or other landing page or external links. Redirect users to any page using Buy Now.
  • Buy Now works with all WooCommerce product types – simple, variable, subscription, group, bundles.
  • Customize the Buy Now button text. Use “Purchase Now,” “Place Order,” “Proceed to Payment,” etc., what you feel appropriate.
  • Provide quick checkout for new and guest users. It will bypass the cart and show checkout in a popup form.


WooCommerce add to cart plugin.


Setting up Buy Now links is also simple. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Cashier, and you’ll find the relevant settings to enable Buy Now for your store. Learn more about it here.


Side Cart

What about users who want a direct checkout but still want to review their cart? Allowing a link to return to the cart is time-consuming.

So, instead of returning users to the cart page, Cashier provides a side cart widget / slide-out panel / floating cart panel.


WooCommerce side cart popup plugin.


Using this, users can view the cart in a sidebar popup, review their items, add or remove products, apply coupons and do a lot more. All these without actually going to the cart page. Again, no configuration is required here. Simple and quick.


Redirect Using Add To Cart links

The Add to cart redirect functionality redirects users immediately when a product is added to the cart. You can redirect to checkout, blog post, specific landing or offer pages, custom URL, etc. Any page you wish to.

This reduces checkout steps, improves the customer experience, saves additional page load times, thus boosting conversions.

With Cashier, add to cart redirect is configurable at individual product variation levels as well as product levels. Enter the desired URL, and that’s all. Add to cart redirect for global level will be coming soon.


Automatic Related Product Recommendations

Familiar with Amazon-like “frequently bought together” sections? It is always good to have plugin with frequently bought together option. You can have the same on your WooCommerce store.

Cashier plugin can automatically recommend products (like a product bundle) based on your store’s previous orders. Again, no configuration is required here. It runs on auto-pilot.


WooCommerce product recommendations plugin.


For example, suppose your store orders contain more wireless headphone purchases with a smartphone than wired headphones. In that case, the plugin will automatically recommend wireless headphones when the user purchases the smartphone.

Now, the core WooCommerce allows you to set products for upsells and cross-sells. So, if you have already set products on the product pages but if some empty spaces are still available, Cashier will auto-fill it up with a few more recommendations. Thus, it tries to nudge visitors to buy more, increasing your chance of selling more products.

Cashier can even pick up other products from the same category and recommend related products for cross-sells. Among the recommendations shown, customers have the choice to add all or specific products to their order.


Min-Max Quantity

Cashier plugin allows setting a minimum and maximum quantity for each product. A minimum quantity encourages customers to buy more. A maximum quantity helps going out of stock.

You can also enable Buy Now links for each product based on quantity and provide a direct / one-click checkout.


Cart Notices

Notices that offer something for free get immediate attention. So, Cashier can also be used as a WooCommerce cart messages plugin. It allows you to show a cart notice related to free shipping.


WooCommerce cart notices plugin.


Let the customer add products to the cart. If the order total turns out less than what you have set as a  threshold, the plugin will automatically display a notice to users, nudging them to spend more and qualify their order for free shipping.

Note – Cashier plugin will also add cart notices related to products, categories, urgency in the coming days.


Checkout Field Editor

Cashier plugin allows you to edit the default checkout fields and also add new custom fields in the Billing, Shipping and Additional sections.

Edit, enable, disable, remove the default checkout fields, rearrange them, validate them, change labels, reset to defaults and also add custom CSS classes easily.

Cashier supports these field types – text, password, email, phone, select, multi-select, text area, radio.


One Page Checkout

Turn any page into a one-page checkout or create special one page checkout pages. Your customers can choose product quantity, update the order and complete the checkout all from a single page.


Cashier one page checkout.


Supports simple, variable products (including variations) and subscriptions.


Cost Of Goods Sold

You can also track total profit and cost of goods for simple and variable products using Cashier plugin. The costs are automatically calculated on checkout.


Cashier cost of goods sold.


Casher Review – All-in-one Solution or Multiple Solutions?

If you buy multiple plugins for cart and checkout optimizations, you’ll spend a minimum of $299.

But, if you get Cashier, you get all those for just $49. Bonus, you’ll get full support if you get stuck anywhere. It’s a solid WooCommerce checkout manager and optimizer.

It’s an investment that will give you returns for a lifetime! You won’t be disappointed. As alternative option, you can check PeachPay plugin.

DISCLOSURE: Posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, I might get a small commission, without any extra cost to you. Read more about it here.

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