GetGenie Review PROS & CONS (2023) – A Killer WordPress AI Content Assistant



Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Free version available
  • 30 + templates
  • Use in your WordPress site
  • SEO optimization features
  • Sentence and paragraph rewriting
  • Keyword suggestions and SERP analysis
  • Product various types of content for different purposes


  • Requires human input
  • Price will be little expensive for many users
  • it would be nice if limits for words per month and analysis are higher

With the exponential rise of online activities, content writing and marketing have surged in popularity. And now hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are involved with this kickass profession. To assist content writers in accomplishing their job, AI content assistants have come to the fore.

AI technology has already revolutionized nearly every industry or sector of businesses, be it automotive, advertising, healthcare, cybersecurity, IT, CRM, or R&D. If AI can transform some of these billion-dollar industries, it can no doubt do wonders in content writing and marketing too.

A host of AI-powered tools are at your disposal. But all of them don’t deliver what they promise. Recently, a WordPress AI assistant called GetGenie was released, creating a buzz. This WordPress AI tool has promised tons of features and benefits that users can receive.


Free WordPress AI writing assistant plugin.


In this GetGenie review write-up, we will closely look at the WordPress-based AI tool GetGenie and dive deep into its features, pros and cons, and price.


GetGenie Review

 Based on my first-hand experience, GetGenie is a majestic WordPress AI content assistant in one word. Whether writing short copies or long-form content, this WordPress AI plugin can execute all types of content. You can even get your content search engine optimized with this breathtaking tool.



GetGenie also boasts 30+ templates that you can utilize to generate different sorts of content for your personal and professional projects. The best part of GetGenie? It produces content in a readable, fathomable, and palatable manner.


GetGenie Features

GetGenie comes packed with a wealth of features that can streamline your content and copy. It has the ability not just to level up your content but also to make it SEO-friendly. Among the many features, let me introduce you to the most significant ones.


Creating long form content with GetGenie.


Blog Wizard

One of the robust features that GetGenie offers is blog post writing with a blog wizard. GetGenie can write an entire blog post in a matter of minutes. All it requires are a couple of inputs, and the job is done.

You just have to provide a focus keyword on your topic. GetGenie will generate the title, intro, and blog outline sequentially. Once these segments of your blog post are generated, it’s a matter of a few minutes for GetGenie to create your blog post.


How GetGenie writing AI assistant works?

(Use mouse right click and select “open image in new tab” to see full screen.)


Not just that, you can even rewrite and modify different sections of your WordPress blog post with GetGenie’s rich features.


Product Ad Copy

GetGenie also has the magic to write absorbing product ad copies for your website. Like landing page copies, GetGenie applies copywriting models like AIDA, PAS, etc., for generating product ad copies.


Tagline Generation

Tagline is a salient text to catch the attention of prospects. Once visitors land on a website, a tagline plays a vital role in keeping them glued to the site. But that happens when the tagline is compelling and thought-provoking.

GetGenie has the magical power to generate arresting taglines for your brand, products, or services.


Writing Social Media Copy

One of the robust ways of converting the target audience is through social media copy. But for that, you need engaging social media copies. GetGenie can output stellar and palatable copies for all the social media channels based on a brief product description.


Writing Landing Page Copy

The core purpose of a landing page is to make conversions. And for that, you need conversion-friendly copies. GetGenie can write killer as well as conversion-friendly landing page copies for your website.

It applies different prominent copywriting models or frameworks, like AIDA, BAB, PAS, etc., for copy generation.


Email Writing

If social media copywriting is a robust way of converting your target audience, email writing or email copywriting is an effective way for your outreach campaigns. And the good thing is that GetGenie can write imposing emails for your business.


GetGenie writing email assistant.


Sentence & Paragraph Rewriting

Both sentence and paragraph rewriting are breathtaking features of GetGenie. Utilizing the Sentence Rewriting feature, users can get a rephrased version of a sentence without any tweaks to the meaning.

Likewise, the Paragraph Rewriting feature can bring out an entirely new paragraph, keeping a paragraph’s essence and meaning.



Feature-Benefit is a pretty useful and hook-grabbing feature of GetGenie. This nifty feature works by users inputting product features to GeGenie. In return, they will get the benefits and perks of the product.


Paragraph Compression & Paragraph Answer

Paragraph Compression works by cutting down a long paragraph into a short one without altering the meaning. This makes the paragraph easier and more digestible to the readers.

On the contrary, the Paragraph Answer feature of GetGenie generates a paragraph-long answer to a factual and informative question.


Framework & Model

GetGenie comes with a framework and model feature. The AI Content tool is designed in such a way that it can generate framework-based copies. Currently, GetGenie offers several framework features, including  AIDA, BAB, and PAS. Each of these frameworks has a particular pattern.

For example, the AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) framework initially grabs attention, piques interest, creates desire, and persuades people to take action.


Keyword Suggestion

Writing content or copy isn’t the end of content creation or copy creation. Rather, your content needs to be SEO-friendly. GetGenie has a keyword suggestion or keyword analysis feature packed with metrics like search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and many more.


On-page SEO Optimization

GetGenie doesn’t stall at just providing keyword suggestions. Rather also provides you with a Content Score to improve your on-page factors to improve. It will suggest you a list of points, including the number of words, headings, paragraphs, and images.

This saves you time and minimizes your effort and energy in SEO optimization.


SERP Analysis

Now comes the SERP analysis part of GetGenie. Once the keyword analysis part is done, it will showcase a list of competitors as part of the SERP analysis.

Not just the website names of the competitors but even the website URLs will show up, letting you visit their sites right away.


Questions Asked

Another smashing feature that comes with GetGenie is “Questions Asked.” These questions are mainly related to the keyword you provided to GetGenie at the beginning.

GetGenie fetches the related question asked by people on forums like Quora and Reddit.


Core GetGenie Templates

I have already mentioned above that GetGenie comes with 30+ templates. And these templates, no doubt, were designed to facilitate the process of your content creation.

Let’s take a glance at some of the core GetGenie templates:

  • AIDA Framework
  • BAB Framework
  • PAS Framework
  • Bullet Point to Answer
  • Explain Why
  • List of Questions
  • Paragraph Rewriter
  • Paragraph Compression
  • Summary Bullets
  • Pros and Cons
  • Related Topics
  • Listicle Ideas
  • Meta Description
  • Sentence Rewriter
  • Short Answer


Does GetGenie Outperform Other Similar Tools?

Well, In my opinion, GetGenie has the charm and some stand-out features that set it apart from other WordPress AI content assistants. Wondering how? Let’s take a look-


An All-in-one AI Content Tool

Based on the above narrative, you have already comprehended that GetGenie serves multiple purposes simultaneously. Right from writing top-hole content, it optimizes content by providing keyword suggestions and a live score.


Is GetGenie safe to use?


Besides, it also targets your competitors based on the focus keyword you provide. It then aims to beat the competitors by conducting an in-depth analysis of the backlinks, traffic, and other relevant data.


Generates Top-quality Content

The core purpose of GetGenie is generating top-grade content, and in my view, it has passed the test. Not only has it passed the test, but it also exceeds other AI content tools with some of its game-changing features.


Does GetGenie produce good quality content?


GetGenie Pros & Cons

No product is perfect. So here are some advantages and disadvantages of GetGenie:


  • Scales up content with high efficiency
  • Able to produce personalized content
  • Captures content from multiple platforms at one go
  • Provides better quality control
  • Ensures improved customer experience
  • Avails GPT-3 technology


  • Requires human input for creative output
  • Not for every pocket


GetGenie WordPress AI Content Assistant Verdict

Based on our first-hand experience, we have pinpointed GetGenie covering all the minute details. Given the features, benefits, and price, I reckon it can be your marketing campaign’s go-to WordPress AI tool.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether you should go for GetGenie. In our view, you can opt for WordPress-based GetGenie and let your content rank, attract, and convert visitors into paying customers.

If you choose GetGenie to get your marketing content and copies written, you can start with its free version. Once you are pleased with its performance, go for the pro version. Hopefully, you will have a smooth experience with GetGenie, an all-in-one WordPress AI content assistant.

If GetGenie is not what you are looking for, you can check 10Web AI Assistant, JasperAnyword, SEO Content MachineArticle Forge, and Kontent Machine as alternative options.

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