Stratum Elementor Widgets Review PROS & CONS (2023) – Stratum FREE vs PRO

Stratum Elementor Widgets


Easy to use






Overall quality



  • Modular approach which means you can disable widgets you don't intend to use
  • Free version available
  • Very affordable price of pro version
  • Decent amount of available widgets
  • Integration with Elementor template library
  • Widgets inherit theme styles
  • Third-party tools integration


  • While pro version is very affordable it might seem like it doesn't add too much to the table

Elementor page builder by itself has an impressive selection of features. That’s just one reason why it’s one of the most popular page building tools. There are many add-ons that can extend the Elementor functionality even further.

There are more than 80 different elements already included in Elementor. However, there may be situations in which you want to create something totally unique. In that instance, using Elementor add-ons can be beneficial.

Elementor’s add-ons allow you to expand design options and capabilities. Some of them add new design blocks and Elementor widgets while other add-ons add design choices for current widgets or other additional features.

Stratum is a free Elementor add-on with 20+ advanced widgets that can be used to design landing pages and professional business websites. Many of the included Stratum widgets function either as an alternative to widgets from the basic Elementor collection with added functions or as an analog version of widgets found in Elementor’s Pro edition (check differences between Elementor pro vs Elementor free).

MotoPress team created the Stratum Elementor widgets plugin. They are also known for their Getwid Gutenberg Blocks plugin which I also reviewed (see Getwid review), and Hotel Booking plugin.


Stratum Elementor Widgets Review

No matter how versatile a plugin is, it’s never going to satisfy everyone’s requirements to the fullest. Even though Elementor has more than 80+ diverse elements, you may have other ideas in mind. Third-party developers expanded Elementor functionalities offering various Elementor add-ons. These add-ons expand on the plugin’s current features and functionality.

There are vast plugin options when it comes to Elementor add-ons to choose from when looking for the extension that best meets the needs of your site. The vast array of layouts, features, and extensions can help give your site its own unique look and feel.

Stratum is a collection of high-quality Elementor add-ons. What sets Stratum apart from other premium Elementor add-ons is the ability of any widget to inherit color, typography, and other styling settings of your current site theme. Its default design can save time and effort in adjusting and customizing additional widgets to align with your theme. It helps you to work more efficiently.


Stratum offers wide selection of Elementor addons for free.
Example of some available Stratum widgets.


Stratum allows for quick, accurate editing as you design content that gets noticed. You can create and customize comparison tables, galleries, posts, pricing tables, progress bars, tables, and other elements. All of these and many more can be integrated into all kinds of websites, from the simplest sites to the most advanced pages.

Lightweight, engaging and interactive visuals are one of the Stratus Elementor widget key features. You can promote online content with unique animated banners, completely customizable sliders, image hotspot interactive images, flip boxes, masonry galleries, etc.


Stratum widgets for Elementor pros and cons.
Currently there are 21 widgets at your disposal. More will be added in future.


These Elementor widgets can be used as creative announcements and advertisements, brand message boosters, or persuasive calls to improve how your products and services are displayed to existing and potential customers.

Stratum allows you to further customize Elementor designs via the following options:

  • Design presets, icons, and animation effects.
  • The ability of certain widgets for integration with the Template Library.
  • Rich background layout colors, style customization, layout, and alignment.

You can use the Stratum plugin to integrate the WordPress site with some third-party services like adding the Instagram feed gallery or Google Maps. All you need to do is to add the tokens for the account and style the relevant widgets.


Stratum settings tab is divided into elements, style, and api sections.
Under Stratum Settings > API you can add Instagram token and Google Maps API key for usage in Instagram feed gallery and Google Maps widget.


Stratum makes changing how widgets look simple. You can highlight the visual styles that combine with your current site colors, typography, and other design elements. The overall goal is to attain the same consistency across all site’s pages.

It’s also easy to add tabs, accordions, or custom Elementor templates into existing widgets. You can add theme-sourced or custom styled content blocks in Stratum widgets. Another nice feature is the Stratum option that Template Library is updated automatically after new templates have been added.


Stratum Free vs Stratum Pro

Stratum Elementor widgets let you add business-specific content to any site that was created using the Elementor page builder. Comparison and pricing tables, restaurant ready-to-go content, animated promotional banners, and other eye-catching content can be created.

Several widgets that you can find in premium third-party Elementor addons are available for free in Stratum. The plugin complements blogs, landing pages, portfolios, and other niche sites that were created with Elementor.

More than 20 widgets are included for free in the Stratum plugin. In fact, all available widgets found in plugin are free. Stratum has free alternatives to Advanced Posts, Flip Box, Testimonial Carousels, and other Elementor Pro widgets.

What is the difference between the Stratum free and pro version? Stratum Pro is ideal for those who want more widget settings, layout patterns, and visual effects. It also lets you add pre-built templates.


Differences between Stratum free vs Stratum pro version.
If you are using Stratum free version you will notice that some widgets have “pro” next to certain options. That means those options are available in pro version.


While all available Stratum widgets are available in free and pro version, Stratum Pro provides additional widget customization choices which the free version doesn’t. You can work faster and more effectively as you design amazing shapes and motion effects that can be integrated into your custom templates.


Stratum pricing plans.


Stratum Pro can be purchased for $19/year for a single site or $59/year for unlimited site usage. MotoPress Club members can get the Stratum pro version as a part of MotoPress membership.


Here’s a closer look at Stratum’s Elementor widgets:

1. Advanced Accordion – The horizontal accordion tabs can be used to create interactive content. You can switch the accordion type to toggle and connect the accordion to any Library Templates that you may have.

Accordions reduce large amounts of information into a smaller, more convenient accordion type of listing. This feature is especially helpful if you’re creating a list of product and service features or creating a frequently asked questions section for your site.

2. Advanced Google Map – You can put your company location on a fully interactive Google map. There are unlimited map styles available and Google Maps custom markets.

3. Advanced Posts – You can use carousel, grid, masonry, and list layouts to highlight posts and pages.

4. Advanced Slider – Display intro sliders, display product carousels to draw attention to the messages you want to convey. You can change navigation, vertical and horizontal scrolling, the amount of columns, etc. Stratum’s Advanced Slider widget is the advanced analog version of Elementor Pro’s slider widget.

5. Advanced Tabs – You can create vertical or horizontally-orientated tabs that are completely customizable. These tabs support any existing custom Library templates and can reduce the content alignment for tabs that would otherwise take up a lot of space.

6. Banner – You can add appealing dynamics to your WordPress pages, create animated banners for announcements and special promotions, and advertise multiple promotions or sales simultaneously. You can change content alignment, add hover animation effects, or add an image or video to the promotion.

7. Circle Progress Bar – Progress bar can be shown in percentages with an optional text description. You can style your circle progress bar in many different ways.

8. Counter – The animated counter widget can visualize information. There are various styling and advanced content settings that can be implemented.

9. Flip Box – You can create flip boxes with front and back sections that can be customized however you wish. This widget is similar to the Elementor Pro widget, and there are six different flip effects to choose from.

10. Image Accordion – You can create compact banners and image galleries that allow multiple images to be shown. Hover and click effects can be implemented to draw attention to images.

11. Image Hotspot – Create unique animated pointers with tooltips. These pointers can then be put above various images. The tooltips and pointer styling can be altered in many ways. You can use the pointers and tooltips to explain different items or educate your site visitors about particular information.

12. Instagram – You can connect the WordPress site with your live Instagram feed. Columns can be changed, and you get to decide how many posts will be shown. This option can be used to create more interest in your Instagram page.

13. Masonry Gallery – Different animation effects can be added to create impressive display galleries.

14. Price List – This widget allows you to create catalogs, menus, and other price lists for all types of sites.

15. Price Menu – You can show products for sale, menu items, and other listings in an organized way.

16. Price Table – This widget allows you to show/compare prices for different products and services in a concise format.

17. Testimonial Carousel – Testimonials can be arranged in a carousel format using this widget. Reviews can be adjusted so that they fit the general theme and style of the website.

18. Vertical Timeline – Display events on pages using Vertical Timeline widget, that allows adding content, including icons, imagery, and descriptions.

19. Horizontal Timeline – Let the visitors know about the events and projects on your website.

20. Lottie Animations – This widget gives you the ability to easily add Lottie Animations to Elementor pages with no need to add custom code.

21. Countdown – Dynamic countdown timer with deeply customizable numeric values and time labels.

These widgets are perfect for all kinds of personal and professional websites. They work well for a wide variety of specialties and niches. Stratum was designed for novices and beginners to get the most out of their sites as they style Elementor site content elements.


Stratum Settings

After you install free Stratum version or purchase pro version you will see new menu on the left in your WordPress admin panel called Stratum. Stratum menu consists of three tabs. First tab is just changelog with all plugins updates.

Second tab is called “Settings,” and he is divided into three sections. Those are Elements, Style, and API. Under Elements you can see all available Stratum widgets for Elementor. As plugin uses modular approach, you can disable any widget you don’t intend to use.


All Stratum available elements.
Under Elements section you can see all available Stratum widgets and enable/disable them per your needs.


Under “Style” section you can change primary, secondary, and background color. “API” section allows you to insert Instagram token and Google Maps API key.


Stratum styles setting options.
Stratum settings available under Style.


Last tab is called “License” and in case of pro version this is where you will enter your license key. In case of free version this tab will be called “Premium” with a link to MotoPress Stratum page.


Why Should You Consider Stratum?

Stratum widgets serve many purposes. They can be used to add progress bars, create appealing headings, display recent news with posts, show different features, feature recent client testimonials, use pricing tables to make presenting information easier, create a call to action sections, etc. Their customization selections can help you craft unique widgets for your specific needs.

You can add and implement image hotspot features, interactive flip boxes, animated banners, mason galleries, and more. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for widgets that are usually included in Elementor Pro or the paid editions of other premium Elementor add-ons.

Some of the Stratum’s strengths are:

  1. It’s fully adaptive.
  2. Compatible with many other popular Elementor add-ons.
  3. Stratum works quickly and doesn’t slow down your site.
  4. It connects with the Elementor template library.
  5. Stratum modules keep all of the style settings of your active themes.
  6. It comes with a free collection of widgets. All of their currently available advanced widgets can be used at any time.
  7. An advanced design toolchain for each Stratum widget is included.


Stratum Elementor Widgets Review Conclusion

Stratum Elementor widgets is free extensions for Elementor. The advanced, business-focused widgets provide additional customization choices and functionality. They’re a good alternative for people who don’t want or aren’t’ ready to purchase Elementor Pro or premium Elementor add-ons.

Some may view Stratum as just one of many somewhat similar Elementor plugins that complement basic Elementor free widgets. In reality, Stratum provides free access to the same number of functions that are often included in paid versions of popular plugins but with additional features and functionality.

Each of their 20+ unique widgets has its own advanced design toolchain and supports connection with the Elementor template library. The widgets adapt their visual styling with that of your current theme automatically. This makes editing Stratum Elementor widgets simple for both new and experienced users.

Some of the most impressive and enhanced Stratum widgets are Advanced Accordion & Tabs, Advanced Posts, Image Hotspot, and Advanced Slider. Current widgets are undergoing improvements, and new widgets are added regularly to the list.

Stratum is fully compatible with many other well-known Elementor add-ons. It’s quick and won’t slow down your website, either. MotoPress Stratum Elementor widgets can help you build the beautiful, fully functional pages that you’ve always dreamed of.

If elements that come with Stratum are not enough for you, then there are also other numerous third-party Elementor add-ons like Jet Plugins (check Jet Plugins review), Plus Addons for Elementor (check Plus Addons for Elementor review), Master Addons for Elementor (check Master Addons for Elementor review), Element Pack Pro, Ultimate Post Kit, etc.

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