Autoblogging for Affiliate Sites – Covert Store Content Plugin

Autoblogging for Affiliate Sites – Covert Store Content Plugin

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Covert Store Content Plugin makes possible autoblogging for affiliate sites which use Covert Store Builder theme.

Covert Store Builder theme can be used without covert store content plugin.

But if you want to use full potential of affiliate site then it is recommended to use both of them.

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How Covert Content Makes Possible Autoblogging For Affiliate Sites ?

Covert Content makes autoblogging possible in conjunction with Covert Store Builder WordPress Theme.

It will take content from Amazon,eBay or Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) and post it on you site with your affiliate links.

All that will be done on autopilot. You just need to set intervals and number of posts you want to create.

Covert Store Content Plugin will also auto post your new content to social sharing sites.

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Autoblogging for Affiliate Sites - Covert Store Content Plugin


Autoblogging For Affiliate Sites

Covert Store Content is activated like any other WordPress plugin. No rocket science there.

covert store content affiliate sitesWith just few clicks, this plugin should automatically pull products and content from Amazon, Ebay and Commission Junction.

After installing plugin you should go to settings option and set up your autoblogging campaign. Or several of them.

Enter as many keywords or phrases as you wish to use. You can put them in quotes for exact match.

Select if you want to publish immediately new posts or to save them as draft for editing first. Covert Store Content Plugin will also automatically create tags.

It can also import comments from social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter.

Once bought Covert Store Content comes with unlimited license. Which means no restriction on how many websites you can use it.

You can even use it to build affiliate sites for your clients or sell on Flippa.


covert store content

covert store content plugin settings



Covert Store Content Plugin Features

There are several main features:

  • hands free autoblogging
  • posting to social sharing sites
  • importing comments from social sharing sites
  • unlimited number of keywords and campaigns
  • 3 modules
  • you can use it on unlimited sites (yours or clients)
  • easy to use

I would say that downside of this plugin is its price. But keep in mind, once bought it can be used on unlimited number of sites.

Covert Store Builder theme should be enough for creating affiliate sites. But if you want full package then get this affiliate plugin too.

Review Summary

4.4 out of 5
Easy to Use
4.4 out of 5
Options and Settings
4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Overall Quality

Covert Store Content is addon plugin for Covert Store Builder theme and ads option to automatically publish new content on site and social sharing networks without your intervention. If taking Covert Store Builder consider buying this plugin too.

4.45 Good 4.45 out of 5

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